Moodle LMS Feature list

1    Multilevel course catalog
2    Launch and Track courses
3    LMS keeps track of bookmarks, scores and results of individual replies to questions.
4    Full support for SCORM
5    Assign courses to all learners, specific learners and newly registered learners
6    Different roles
7    Various authentication methods
8    Place learners in groups
9    Use style sheets to configure graphics, layout, colors and fonts.
10    Manage users, roles, courses, instructors, facilities, and generate reports
11    Student messaging and notifications
12    Auto enrollment (enrolling Students in courses when required according to predefined criteria, such as job title or work location)
13    Manager enrollment and approval
14    Boolean definitions for prerequisites or equivalencies
15    Integration with performance tracking and management systems
16    Planning tools to identify skill gaps at departmental and individual level
17    Curriculum, required and elective training requirements at an individual and organizational level
18    Grouping students according to demographic units (geographic region, product line, business size, etc.)
19    Assign corporate and partner employees to more than one job title at more than one demographic unit
20    LMS Uptime record
21    Assessment and testing handling before and after testing
22    Display scores and transcripts
23    Grading of coursework and roster processing, including wait listing
24    Web-based or blended course delivery
25    Course Plan
26    Course calendar
27    Unlimited number of accounts
28    Administrators can add, modify or delete users
29    Personalized authoring and learning environment
30    Configure your personal home portal
31    Calendar (per course, per group and combined personal calendar), also via ical files, notifications (via e-Mail or RSS)
32    Be up-to-date as regards to news and changes via e-mail or RSS feed
33    Full-text search
34    Share resources with other authors (learning resource repository)
35    Form your own project groups and invite buddies
36    Use discussion forums, file share space, contact forms etc.
37    Instant Messenger: See who is online and chat with others using either the integrated chat client
38    Users can create their own accounts (with/without approval by administrators)
39    Direct login into from other features  user name and password
40    Access file system via other media
41    Flexible course system
42    Based on IMS ( Learning Standard & Design concepts
43    Create a personalized course structure according to your needs
44    Course editor: create your course using TechNet LMS course elements
45    Group management: manage your learners
46    Rights management: grant specific users access to course tools
47    Assessment tool: assess your learners
48    Archive tool: download log files or runtime data and import/export courses
49    Create your own course layout template
50    Wiki
51    Single pages with integrated WYSIWYG HTML editor (+ jsMath)
52    Include external pages or sites via tunneling
53    Both SCORM 1.2 and IMS CP Content Packages (+ CP editor) URL1: URL2:
54    Forums and “file dialog” element to discuss papers
55    Folders for download material
56    Tasks with drop box, sample solution and scores
57    Tests (with scores) and self-tests (anonymous, no scores) based on QTI 1.2 standard
58    Questionnaire for course evaluations
59    Enrollment for groups (by student or tutor or both) with wait lists
60    Contact forms for easy communication with group members or tutors
61    Extensive context-sensitive help
62    User manual available as HTML or PDF
63    Demo courses and demo course templates
64    Comprehensive help, manual, tutorials and discussion forum Corporate:
65    Learning measurement
66    Talent management
67    Workforce planning
68    Performance management
69    Leadership management
70    Succession management
71    Competency management
72    Sourcing and recruiting management
73    Knowledge management

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